House Rules

  • 1

    Treat our machines the same way as you treat your loved ones, with care. Most of our equipment is vintage, damage takes a lot of effort in repairs.
  • 2

    The pinball machines are no coat racks or tables. Don’t place your bags, coats, food or drinks on the machines, so we can prevent damaging such as scratches on the glass. You can use our lockers, which are located in the front of our arcade. 
  • 3

    Kids up to 13 years old must be joined by an adult, there’s a maximum of 3 kids with one adult. For example, if you would like to visit with 5 kids, there should be at least 2 adults with them. It would be really appreciated if you inform the kids with the rules beforehand.
  • 4

    Electronics and liquids aren’t the best of friends, so please don’t place your drinks and/or snacks on the machines, if a can of soda is spilled, it can cause a lot of damage. There’s a special cupholder attached to almost every machine, so please use it.
  • 5

    The game won’t get any better if you’re cursing/throwing around bad words, so please watch out if you’re around other visitors. Basically we ask to treat our place but also the visitors around you with respect! We like to make clear we welcome everyone here who is able to treat others with respect. we don’t tolerate any racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, ageism, classism, fatphobia or any other sort of hate or discrimination.
  • 6

    If something breaks or a token is stuck, please let us know, if you keep playing the damage could get worse. We have a key for every  machine and we can very easily fix simple problems. 
  • 7

    It is not allowed to smoke inside.